Business Transition Services successfully helps owners of closely held businesses develop and implement effective plans to achieve their personal & professional goals and objectives.

BTSI’s objective is to help clients reach their life goals, including: corporate growth, maximization of enterprise value, tax mitigation, wealth preservation, and estate planning.

The professionals at BTSI are experienced business people with diverse backgrounds in business management, finance, accounting, law, strategic planning and, of course, mergers and acquisitions.

The unique BTSI team approach supports our comprehensive five discipline integrated mergers and acquisitions model.

This comprehensive approach begins with the M & A process, reinforced by intuitive professional judgment, based on 30+ years of experience in the business. We also considers concurrently the issues of law, accounting, tax mitigation and wealth retention. Combined attention to all these concerns is what sets Business Transition Services apart from others in the field. As a result, our clients often realize an after-tax yield on their transaction that is considerably more than a direct sale would yield.

On the buyer side, BTSI listens carefully to the market. It has developed a proprietary buyer database with thousands of contacts. Capital investment demands and business competition drive these decision makers. This means they act promptly and without delay. BTSI exploits this situation for seller clients by employing an unusual one-to-many model in its approach to the market. It prompts the buy side to compete for our seller client’s resources, thus maximizing the valuations and terms offered.

On the seller side, the timely sale or merger of a business is always a rigorous, intensive and stressful process. Managing the issues of marketing, confidentiality, deal structure, taxes, and transition are vital to success but often unfamiliar. Few sellers have sold before but most buyers have programs and methods in place. That’s why thoughtful clients come to BTSI. This lets the client stay focused on their business’ management while BTSI carries out the transaction process under the client’s oversight.

If you are considering the merger or sale of your business within the next five years, you should start planning now. Your first and best step is to call for a confidential meeting to discuss your goals and objectives; to learn about BTSI’s unique and comprehensive approach to the merger and acquisition process.
Thank you so very much for the incredible work your firm did during our acquisition. I cannot even fathom the thought of going through the due diligence process without your team. The expert advice and support your team provided during the whole process was well worth every penny. Your team's work allowed me to focus on the deal itself and the transition ahead.
Shane Nichols, Pacific Benefits Group