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If you're a successful business owner, you've thought often about how to get the most of your company. That's true whether you're ready to take advantage of new growth opportunities or to make your exit from the firm. Either way, you need a strategic approach to exploring your options and making fully informed, sound decisions.

But developing a growth or exit plan and properly structuring an M&A transaction require specialized knowledge and skill. And effectively managing the process calls for an investment of time and effort that you and your senior managers can't afford: you need to concentrate on running the business and increasing its value.

That's where BTSI offers a clear advantage. Our singular approach to M&A focuses on maximizing value -- and by value, we don't just mean price. Rather, our team helps you build your company's worth, obtain the resources and terms you want from a transaction, and enjoy the greatest after-tax return.

Take a look at how the BTSI difference adds value for you:

  • We represent sellers only.
    Although we maintain excellent relationships with buyers, generally they focus on acquiring companies at or below market price. We excel at helping business owners like you maximize value and acquire the resources needed to meet your goals — whether you're growing your business or exiting.
  • We understand the power of perception.
    Calculations don't determine business value — perception does. Before we market your company, our business analyst casts a critical eye on your firm and provides guidance on issues that could affect valuation. Some you'll address; others we''ll position as opportunities. We'll also advise you on optimal timing for marketing your business.
  • We allow only senior team members to work on your transaction.
    That's easy, because we don't have junior staff. Unlike the new college graduates who handle M&A transactions in large companies, BTSI's advisors all have extensive business backgrounds. Before joining BTSI, they worked in a variety of roles: as accountants, investment and commercial bankers, business owners and senior executives of regional and national companies. They understand the challenges an entrepreneur faces.
  • We serve as a liaison to expert tax mitigation and wealth preservation professionals.
    The largest cost in an M&A transaction is usually the taxes you'll pay. To ensure you receive the greatest possible return, you must plan before executing the transaction. Why not offer these services in-house? Because earning a commission on these products and services could create a conflict of interest. We'd rather introduce you to experts in the tax planning and wealth preservation disciplines and maintain our own focus on forging a deal that achieves your goals.
  • We sell the future of your business.
    Our business analyst helps you formulate strategies that maximize your business' perceived value to potential acquirers. You want a viable, exciting plan in place and a team committed to executing it. The future, rather than the past, becomes the key to stimulating buyer interest and determining your company's value.
  • We market to a large pool of potential buyers.
    We draw on established relationships with buyers in many industries, then tap database and online resources to find other prospects. We distill the pool down to those who believe in your company's strategic plan and possess the resources to implement it. Ultimately you want several highly qualified buyers to compete to offer you the best deal.
  • We coordinate due diligence and closing in-house.
    Most firms send you to an outside accounting firm to handle due diligence. But we know the more quickly this process moves, the more likely your deal will close. Our in-house CPA works diligently to identify the information both parties need, help your staff assemble necessary materials, and ensure the legal agreement reflects the principals' intent. This effort promotes a smooth, seamless, expedited process that moves steadily toward closing.
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