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At Business Transition Services, our M&A services are designed to ensure you reach your goals. From proactively managing confidentiality to coordinating due diligence and closing, we tailor your transaction to meet your most stringent requirements.

Each element of our proven M&A process is based on the long experience of our professionals bringing transactions to a successful and profitable close. The process typically includes the steps below. Select a step to learn more about the work we do and the value we add to every engagement.

  • Confidentiality
    Whether during or after our engagement, we don't disclose information about your identity, markets, products, financial history or current financial status without your consent. But our approach to the M&A process also helps us proactively manage confidentiality. We focus on developing and implementing a plan that will achieve the best outcome for you and your company. We position your firm as a strong, viable entity with an exciting future ahead. That helps to alleviate the concerns of your employees and customers and the opportunities for your competitors.
  • Transaction Structuring/Exit Planning
    We know that receiving the highest price possible for a business is only one of the possible goals in an M&A transaction. We look at other desires as well: to generate capital for new opportunities, forge a satisfactory alliance with a suitable buyer, develop roles for you and your employees in a new firm, cultivate stewardship among your family members, or establish a legacy. Whatever your goals and future plans are, developing a viable plan and properly structuring your transaction are the keys to achieving them.
  • Market Valuation
    Theoretical valuation methods can provide an estimate of your company's value for specific purposes. In a sale on the open market, however, buyers ultimately determine its worth. Our three-step process for determining your firm's market value begins with research into the price that buyers would like to pay. Then a business analysis helps to refine that estimate. Finally, BTSI develops and executes a marketing document and plan tailored for your firm. This process lets us consistently achieve a price 30 percent or higher than calculated in theoretical valuation exercises.
  • Business Analysis/Strategic Planning
    During the business analysis, our analyst takes an in-depth look at your company in much the same way a potential buyer would. This includes investigating organizational structure, operating trends, and business processes, strategies, and plans. The business analyst facilitates development of a strategic plan that will highlight your company's potential and provide a blueprint for building value. In addition, the findings help pinpoint the optimal time for marketing to begin. The strategic plan highlights opportunities for buyers: They may pour effort into evaluating your history, but acquirers buy the future, not the past. They want to see a sound financial plan and a key employee group committed to executing it.
  • Tax Mitigation & Wealth Preservation
    Achieving your goals when selling all or part of your company depends not just on how much you get for it, but on how much you keep. The largest cost in selling a business is generally paying the taxes after the sale. Unfortunately that's far too late to begin thinking about structuring the transaction to your best advantage. The IRS will enforce your letter of intent at the time of an offer or negotiations. We maintain longstanding relationships with experts in tax mitigation and wealth preservation who can help you significantly increase your return from a sale.
  • Confidential Business Review Preparation
    We develop a marketing book for your company that describes your business and provides financial information to show your firm's true earning power. Our financial analyst helps you maximize your firm's EBITDA -- Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. That's critical, because many times your company's valuation, at least initially, will be based on a multiple of EBITDA. Our analyst also prepares regular updates of your financial statements, which saves time during the due diligence phase.
  • Market Plan Development & Execution
    We tailor a one-to-many marketing plan for your company -- one seller, multiple interested buyers -- and then put it into action. We market your company to a large pool of potential buyers, then distill the pool down to those who believe in your strategic plan and possess the financial and management resources to help implement it. Ultimately we want several highly qualified buyers to compete against each other to acquire your business. This approach brings a much greater value than typical one-on-one negotiations with a single buyer.
  • Negotiations
    We conduct negotiations with the most promising acquirers simultaneously, with discussions focusing on resources, relationships, and the potential synergies between your companies. Price is the last thing discussed. The objective is to provide you with multiple options, so that you can choose the offer that best achieves your goals.

    Although negotiations should be dictated by business issues rather than personalities or emotions, discussions may become heated and emotions frayed. BTSI acts as a buffer between you and the buyer, which lets you drive a hard bargain during negotiations but maintain good relationships after closing.
  • Due Diligence & Closing
    Once your company has accepted an offer, BTSI coordinates the due diligence process. This includes preparation of legal documents and interactions among all principals and professionals involved. Our in-house CPA works with the acquirer's accountants and attorneys to identify the information needed and then assists the sellers' staff assemble the necessary materials. In addition, we work with both parties' attorneys to ensure the business deal agreed to by the principals is accurately reflected in the purchase agreement.

    A surprising number of transactions die during the due diligence phase. BTSI's expert guidance, careful attention to detail, and years of experience overcome obstacles and ensure the deal moves forward.
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